Solving the problem means GCH

GCH is an orientation with which the cleaning and waste prevention optimized our waters and is accelerated. Here, this orientation (the Global Community of Humans) and the GCH team is the one from the community together. Both stand for the good of the people of the earth, nature and the environment.

The Global Community of Humans is oriented by vested interests. Through the commitment all people are equal within the community. There are no obligations and no internal leadership structure. Anyone who wants to support this, simply occurs in this community. Every person knows the best of its ability. If the go after accession, can support as a donor, sponsor or investor the project. But maybe you are active in your community, then your work and your information will help us continue, or you are doing to the team. Everything is possible, here are your skills and vocations of the scale.

The GCH team is needs-knowing and serving active. Leading structures are unnecessary in the usual form and possibly foregoing expertise allow a maximum of an accompanying form of government. All complement each other and everything is defined by recognition of the need.

The task is so recognizable and extends through the Join existing activities, research projects and concepts. It applies selbige matched to each other and to connect if possible, to increase efficiency. It is built up an active and global networking. Data, information, knowledge and results are collected centrally, processed and made ready for all people worldwide accessible. The support and promotion of projects is also announced.

But it is also important to realize the OKEANOS- Ocean Cleaner.

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